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Blog Update

I apologize for being so lackadaisical  about updating this blog.   I could make excuses about the summer and my being busy working on new music, but I won’t.

Meanwhile, here in Seattle, we’re experiencing smokey skies because of the large forest fires in the nearby Cascade Mountains.   This brings me the video below.   It’s a perfect song for people in the west.



In the meantime, this title becomes more and more meaningful:




Sorry I have been lax in updating the blog. I have been busy over the last couple of months mixing my latest release, “Waiting for the Rain.”

Now that my project is completed, I will be posting more on the blog. Check back for more gear related reviews and other posts relating to music.

Welcome to My Blog

Why This Blog?

I created this blog to have a space on the web to examine musical topics that were not necessarily related to the music I put out on my website, While the creation of joy of music will be the main focus of this blog, I reserve the right to talk about other topics. As always, I always encourage comments and communication. See my contact page if you would like to reach me.