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“Curves, Contours and Body Horns” – A Fender Stratocaster Documentary

Here’s an excellent documentary about the legendary Fender Stratocaster and its influence on modern music. From the early days and the brilliance of Leo Fender, to the all-star list of players who testify to the prowess of the instrument, this Grenada TV documentary shows us why people love this style of guitar. On a side note, I am not sure why the YouTube description reads. “Mark Knopfler Curves, Contours and Body Horns.” Mr. Knopfler is featured in the program – but so are many other great players.

H/T Drew Dundon

Video: The Crossroads Legend – Search for Robert Johnson

We’re approaching the dog days of summer and my posts have been infrequent at best. I have been busy working on different projects and playing music with my friends. At least that is my excuse at the moment.

Summertime always gets me thinking about the blues and when we talk about blues, there’s the one and only Robert Johnson. Here’s a documentary I stumbled across that may be of interest for blues aficionados. The video examines the life and influences of the legendary guitar player.

10/7/14 Edited: Changed Video Source from YouTube to (YouTube toasted the original video.)

Daniel Lanois & Pharrell Williams at Home in the Studio

Here is an excellent video with Pharrell Williams interviewing Daniel Lanois. Lanois talks about his vast musical history and gives us a glimpse into his personal studio. Highlights to look for: Lanois gives us an demonstration of his pedal steel playing and shows us some cool vintage gear. It is definitely worth the taking the time to watch the entire program.

The Songwriting Process: Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”

Naissance de "Sympathy for the devil " (one+one… by cinocheproduction

Here’s an interesting video showing the songwriting process of the Rolling Stones creating their classic song, “Sympathy for the Devil.” What’s not to like about this clip? You get to see the Stones at their prime in 1968 working on their classic record, “Beggar’s Banquet.” The footage was shot by French new wave cinema icon, Jean-Luc Godard.

I find it interesting to see the song develop from it’s original concept to the classic song we all know and love.

H/T to the always excellent site,

Farewell Transmission: Magnolia Electric Company in HD

We Have Signal: Magnolia Electric Co. from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

I am still bummed out about the untimely departure of Jason Molina. If you want to see how great he was, check out these High Definition videos from Alabama Public Television’s “We Have Signal.” (I wish my local PBS Station would carry this program.) You can watch Jason and the excellent, Magnolia Electric Company doing a nearly 30-minute set.

And a Bonus Track:.

*Bonus* – Magnolia Electric Co. – “Hold on Magnolia” from We Have Signal on Vimeo.