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Blog Update

I apologize for being so lackadaisical  about updating this blog.   I could make excuses about the summer and my being busy working on new music, but I won’t.

Meanwhile, here in Seattle, we’re experiencing smokey skies because of the large forest fires in the nearby Cascade Mountains.   This brings me the video below.   It’s a perfect song for people in the west.



In the meantime, this title becomes more and more meaningful:



Video: My Top 5 Christmas Songs

NOTE: This post was originally published last year. Moving it it to the top because of the time of year.

The holiday season is the time of year when I would normally  be talking about that “chill in the air.” However, with the reality of climate change,, that is not the case for many people.  One thing that is consistent with this time of year are classic Christmas songs.

There are an abundance of wonderful Christmas songs.   From the obscure to the over-played staples of popular culture, we all have our favorites.   As I stared working on this post, I realized that narrowing my choice down to five songs would be a difficult task.

Here is my list (with one Bonus Track.)   What are your favorites?

John Prine: Christmas in Prison


Jim White: Christmas Day


Bill Haley and the Comets: Jingle Bell Rock

Barking Dogs:  Jingle Bells

Elvis Presley: Blue Christmas

Bonus Track below the fold

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What I’m Listening to: Jill Sobule “California Years”

This is a new feature I’m adding to the blog because I think it’s important to listen to a lot of different music.  It’s my hope that I will help turn you on to an artist or recording you might not be familiar with.

First up is songwriter extraordinaire, Jill Sobule and her excellent recording, “California Years.” Songwriter’s take note and listen Jill’s songs. She is a master at her craft.

California Years

Here’s a video of Jill performing a song from the record, “Where is Bobbie Gentry.”