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A Young Eric Clapton’s Electric Guitar Demonstration.

Here’s a cool video that shows a young Eric Clapton demonstrating how he gets different sounds on his electric guitar and sheds some light on his fingerboard technique. This video was shot during the Cream days, when Clapton favored Gibson guitars. Enjoy!

Eric Clapton interview and guitar demo 1968 from Robb Navrides on Vimeo.

Hat tip to the excellent website, Open Culture

Death Metal Version of “You’re the One that I Want” From Grease

I hope everyone’s summer is going well. Summer is the season of light blog posting. With that in mind, I thought I would post something a little different. Here is a video I found via the website, Dangerous Minds. It’s a “Death Metal” Version of the classic song from the movie, “Grease.”
I am not sure why this amuses me so much – but here you go:

Classic Blues: Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

I stumbled across an excellent collection on Youtube Channel called FolkSeattle, which has several excellent old black and white footage of legendary blues player. Here are the videos of one of my favorite duos – Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. In our days of modern technology and studio gadgets and trickery, it’s refreshing to see the power of 2 men, one acoustic guitar and harmonica. Enjoy!

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Video: Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World

Here’s a cool video about that great guitar innovation – the Wah Wah pedal. I first took notice of the Cry Baby Wah Wah when I heard Jimi Hendrix’s amazing “Still Raining, Still Dreaming.” In my opinion, that’s the greatest Wah Wah song ever. Incidentally, I still have my original Thomas Organ Cry Baby Wah Wah, which I purchased brand new in the late 1970’s from Sabol’s Music Store in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World from Joey Tosi on Vimeo.

As a bonus, please listen to Mr. Hendrix blistering rendition of “Still Raining, Still Dreaming.”

Update August, 2015) : As you can see, lame, short sided people have deleted access to the original video. (God forbid, people actually see their short film.) Sorry.

Video: Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue

I came across this video while browsing Dangerous Minds, one of my favorite websites. This is an incredible video that examines Miles Davis and his “Electric Period.” I found the program very informative, especially hearing from the musicians who knew and played with Miles. For musicians, there are many important lessons to be learned in this excellent video. To cap it all off, the 2nd half of the program (around the 43 minute mark) features Miles’ historic performance at the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival. Enjoy!

Hat Tip Dangerous Minds

Black Sabbath on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (1975)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g33wjg9IbhMHere’s something I came across while browsing Youtube. I remember watching Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert when I was a kid. I have no recollection of this episode, though. Maybe Black Sabbath was too much for my local TV station in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I consider it really amazing, seeing audience’s enthusiastic reception to Black Sabbath’s high energy performance. I especially like the band’s rendition of “Hole in The Sky,” from the underrated record, “Sabotage.

Here’s the setlist:
1. Intro
2. Killing Yourself To Live
3. Hole In The Sky
4. Snowblind
5. War Pigs
6. Paranoid

Update – August, 2015 Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to remove the entire concert from YouTube Here’s a single song from the concert – an excellent rendition of “Snowblind.”

What I’m Listening to: Jill Sobule “California Years”

This is a new feature I’m adding to the blog because I think it’s important to listen to a lot of different music.  It’s my hope that I will help turn you on to an artist or recording you might not be familiar with.

First up is songwriter extraordinaire, Jill Sobule and her excellent recording, “California Years.” Songwriter’s take note and listen Jill’s songs. She is a master at her craft.

California Years

Here’s a video of Jill performing a song from the record, “Where is Bobbie Gentry.”