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More on George Harrison and the Beatles: Something

In a recent post, I linked to some studio audio showing the creative process of George Harrison and the Beatles composing “Something.” As an added treat, here’s an excellent video with the isolated vocals of the final product. It’s really quite telling to hear the lush sounding vocals of Mr. Harrison along with Paul McCartney. Knowing this recording was made in days before autotune and modern studio trickery, makes it all the more impressive.

Hat Tip to the always excellent Bobby Owsinski’s Big Picture blog. If you are interested in recording and music production, you need to check his blog out!

George Harrison, The Beatles: “Something” Songwriting Process

As a songwriter and a Beatles fan, I have always been curious about their songwriting process. The above audio file gives us a glimpse into the magic of writing “Something,” one of my favorite George Harrison compositions. Imagine showing your new song ideas to band mates like John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Hat Tip to Tape Op’s Facebook page for this gem.